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Great Sales Advice Site: 30mpc


Here’s another dopely designed website: 30 Minutes to President’s Club (aka

Who’s this site for? Sales professionals that want to level up their skills, particular people doing B2B sales, SaaS sales, software sales.

What’s special about this site? It’s very no-BS, cutting edge, to the point, actionable sales advice. It’s fresh and young and ambitious and bold, just like most young and hungry folks in sales are.

And it shows in the design:

30 MPC website screenshot
View the large size screenshot here

Everything about the way they do things shows: We get you.

Even when you like their page on LinkedIn, they’ll invite you to their newsletter, which is called: Boring Newsletter.

That’s pretty much how we all feel about LinkedIn newsletters. They’re boring. We don’t want them. This, by simply acknowledging this true stands out, and immediately makes you ponder: this could be different!

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