SEO Tool: urlprofiler

urlprofiler is one of these tools that I almost don’t like to talk about. It’s been around for many years, but Here’s just a few of the things it does: The interface is pretty old-school, but it does the job great: URL Profiler has received positive reviews from users for its user-friendly interface, speed, and … Read more

AI Video Editing Software: Wisecut Appsumo deal (Lifetime for $69)

Wisecut is kinda the “Descript for video”. (Even though yes, Descript does have video editing features too!) But Appsumo’s Wisecut for life deal is pretty sweet: for these prices is pretty dope, especially if you don’t do video editing every month, but still often enough to save yourself boatloads of cutting out “uhm” and word … Read more

Ahrefs Site Explorer Overview improvements + Titlepocalypse tracking

There’s a number of improvements Ahrefs rolled out last month, but my favorite is the new features you find in the Site Explorer overview. For example, you can now see estimated paid traffic, referring domains, and number of pages in the top 100 SERPs, rather than just organic traffic. In addition to that, you can … Read more

What’s the Best Thesaurus Tool for Marketers?

When you’re lost for words, here are some cool thesaurus tools: Duh, yeah. Obviously. But also, great, so it definitely deserves it’s place here. OneLook thesaurus I love how fast and simple this thesaurus is. It’s also very, very powerful. Look at this: One thing that’s extra-cool about it is the filter function: So … Read more

Free until 2022: Semrush’s new Backlinks Analytics

Semrush just launched a new Backlinks Analytics tool that they’re making available for everyone to use completely free until 2022. Their backlink database is winning the market: With their new backlinks analyzer, you can check out what backlinks your competitors are getting, find linkbuilding opportunities, and apply filters to slice and dice the backlink data … Read more

I’m a huge believer in the power of learning from your competitors. Once you’ve identified companies that are targeting the same audience you’re going after, and they’re doing it well… doing a bit of detective work can be immensely valuable. But it can also be immensely time-consuming, especially when it comes to staying on top … Read more