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How To Find Creators (Hack)

This is pure gold if you’re looking to find creators with a niche-relevant audience. Newsletters, IG accounts, YouTubers, Podcasters, X influencers, Websites (aka “Media Brands”), etc. I spent five minutes doing this and unearthed some true gems.

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High-Quality Transcriptions On Your Mac

If you want to transcribe a podcast, video, or really any kind of audio, there’s probably no better tool on the market now that MacWhisper. It’s high-quality, simple, fast, and it runs on your local Mac using OpenAI’s Whisper model. The quality of these transcripts is really something next-level. And since this running on your ...

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Matt Diggity’s PERFECT WordPress Plugin Setup

In this video, Matt Diggity discusses the essential SEO plugins for WordPress (as of September 2023). His plugins: Rank Math, Elementor, WP Rocket, EWWW Image Optimizer, Pretty Links, Redirection, Contact Form 7, Wordfence, and ManageWP. Rank Math Matt Diggity delves deeper into the features of Rank Math, highlighting its superior schema generator. Schema is a ...

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Check DA (Domain Authority) For Free

Ahref’s DA metric is a widely accepted measure for the authority of a domain, similar to MOZ’s DR (Domain Rating). You don’t even need an account to check the DA of any domain. You can use Ahref’s free Website Authority Checker. Just type in the URL of the domain and click the button—it’ll show you ...

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Why I love SiteGround’s “Always Online” Feature

(First of all: I’m not a SiteGround affiliate, and this isn’t a sponsored post—I’m in no way compensated or incentivized to say this, and I don’t benefit at all if you sign up for SiteGround. I’m just sharing this because I think it’s valuable information for you, my reader.) If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, ...

Trying Copy.AI in August 2021

I’ve tried around February of this year, and I really wasn’t impressed with it. However, there’s been a steady stream of positive buzz around it, including people in the content and marketing space that I trust and respect, so I figured I’d give it another try. Signed up for a trial account, and they ...