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High-Quality Transcriptions On Your Mac


If you want to transcribe a podcast, video, or really any kind of audio, there’s probably no better tool on the market now that MacWhisper. It’s high-quality, simple, fast, and it runs on your local Mac using OpenAI’s Whisper model.

The quality of these transcripts is really something next-level.

And since this running on your Mac, you’re not using (and paying for) OpenAI API credits. In fact, for most people the free version of MacWhisper will completely suffice.

Now since it does run on your local machine, it takes a lot of CPU time and my Intel Macbook definitely runs hot during the transcription process:

But it runs smoothly—however, this is one example where M1 & M2 Macs really shine.

If you prefer to pay for Whisper and have OpenAI run the transcription on their servers without MacWhisper, then it comes in at $0.006 per minute, so one hour of audio costs $0.36. Still a pretty sweet deal.

But even with the free version of MacWhisper, you get a quality of transcription that just a few short years ago was unthinkable.

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