Check DA (Domain Authority) For Free

Ahref’s DA metric is a widely accepted measure for the authority of a domain, similar to MOZ’s DR (Domain Rating). You don’t even need an account to check the DA of any domain. You can use Ahref’s free Website Authority Checker.

Just type in the URL of the domain and click the button—it’ll show you the sites DA, and the number of backlinks and linking websites.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Overview improvements + Titlepocalypse tracking

There’s a number of improvements Ahrefs rolled out last month, but my favorite is the new features you find in the Site Explorer overview.

For example, you can now see estimated paid traffic, referring domains, and number of pages in the top 100 SERPs, rather than just organic traffic.

Ahrefs’ new Site Explorer overview graph

In addition to that, you can also compare different domains.

Google Title Changes Now Tracked in Ahrefs

Google started rewriting page titles in their SERPs, which in the SEO community has come to be lovingly called the Titlepocalypse (yup, it’s mostly site owners who’ve seen traffic decline due to these changes that refer to it this way). Ahrefs will now monitor these changes and show when Google rewrites the titles. (I’m not sure how exactly they’ll do this since Google seems to be rewriting the titles also not just based on the page itself, but also on the query the user searched for, and other dynamic factors, but I’m assuming they’ll go with the most common one.)

Increased Search Traffic Estimations

They also did updates to the keyword database, the one I found most noteworthy is that they’ve reverse-engineered more broad matches, which helps make keyword estimates more accurate. You’ll notice increases in Ahrefs search traffic estimations.

Here’s a full roundup of their updates:

New internal linkbuilding tool from ahrefs

My favorite SEO tool now has a new featured called Link Opportunities.

Here’s a quick 4 minute walkthrough of the new feature:

I tested this on some of our sites and it’s working quite well.

When you’re launching a new page and want to build backlinks, a “keyword phrase” search usually does the job well enough.

But when you want to build new backlinks to a page that’s already been around for a while, one of the most mindnumbing tasks of a project like this is to check whether a relevant page is already linking to your target page. True, it’s just a quick viewing of the page source code and searching for the URL, but even spending 8 minutes on a task like this is 8 minutes too much in my book.

What makes Ahref’s Link Opportunities tool cool is that:

  • it checks whether there already exists a link between the pages, and if yes, it won’t suggest placing a link
  • it looks at the top 10 keyword phrases of your target page and crawls your site for these. (rather than just going for the main keyword phrase, or manually looking up what the top keyword phrases for the page are, and then requiring you to type them in a convoluted boolean search string into Google.

One more reason to give Ahrefs some love.