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Bulk check Ahrefs DR Score of 200 domains

If you have a long list of domains and want to check their Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) score, there are many free bulk check tools available. However, most of them are crap (they either don’t work at all or the results they generate are incorrect). If you’re a paying Ahrefs customer, the Ahrefs Batch Analysis ...

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Check DA (Domain Authority) For Free

Ahref’s DA metric is a widely accepted measure for the authority of a domain, similar to MOZ’s DR (Domain Rating). You don’t even need an account to check the DA of any domain. You can use Ahref’s free Website Authority Checker. Just type in the URL of the domain and click the button—it’ll show you ...

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New internal linkbuilding tool from ahrefs

My favorite SEO tool now has a new featured called Link Opportunities. Here’s a quick 4 minute walkthrough of the new feature: I tested this on some of our sites and it’s working quite well. When you’re launching a new page and want to build backlinks, a “keyword phrase” search usually does the job ...