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ShowIt Design Settings

The Design Settings in ShowIt are where you define your universal design: fonts and colors that will be the defaults for the entire site. It’s really where you define your brand on a practical level.

This is what Design Settings can look like:

You can see the COLOR PALETTE, which allows you to define your 8 brand colors. These 8 colors will always be easily available inside of th designer, and the Properties Panel whenever you customize elements like texts, shapes, and icons.

When you change any of the colors in your Color Palette, it will change throughout every element in your page where this color was applied.

In the Design Settings, you define the Type Styles separately for Desktop and Mobile, and there’s all kinds of settings, not just font, but also font color, font color opacity, font size, line height, letter spacing, letter case, bottom margin, alignment, as well as inline link specific formatting settings (color, opacity, underlined or not, hover color and opacity, hover underline or not.

There’s also a setting for the global site background color, and you define it separately for the desktop and mobile.

Design Settings are the big levers you pull in ShowIt. It’s what affects everything else, universal fonts and colors.

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