Beehiiv vs Substack: A Comparison of Two Popular Newsletter Platforms

When it comes to building and growing your newsletter audience, there are a variety of platforms to choose from. Two of the most popular options are Beehiiv and Substack. Both platforms offer a range of features designed to help you create, distribute, and monetize your newsletter content. One of the key differences between Beehiiv and … Read more

Hubspot CTAs: Why are they so low res?

Hubspot is a fantastic marketing tool, and they’ve built an impressive company through content marketing. I find it allthemore surprising that the CTAs in their own blog posts are still looking that poor though. Take this example from a blog post they’re featuring prominently on their marketing blog page right now, in February 2023: The … Read more

AI Video Editing Software: Wisecut Appsumo deal (Lifetime for $69)

Wisecut is kinda the “Descript for video”. (Even though yes, Descript does have video editing features too!) But Appsumo’s Wisecut for life deal is pretty sweet: for these prices is pretty dope, especially if you don’t do video editing every month, but still often enough to save yourself boatloads of cutting out “uhm” and word … Read more