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Writing Amazon Product Roundups With KoalaWriter (The Jacky Chou Way)

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Jacky Chou from Indexsy recently shared how his team is using KoalaWriter for Amazon Product Roundups. According to him, that’s where KoalaWriter really shines (he suggests other AI writers for writing more informative long-form content).

The relevant section starts 3 minutes into the video, so be free to skip there.

Here’s my takeaways:

  • Create post in KoalaWriter using Bulk Mode
    • use GPT 3.5
    • Article Type: Amazon Product Roundup
    • Amazon Domain (use .com if you target US)
    • Number of Products: 8 to 12 (randomize that)
    • Tone of Voice: SEO Optimized
    • Language: English (US)
    • Point of View: First Person Plural (we, us, our, ours)
    • [x] Include FAQ Section
  • Push into WordPress as Draft
  • Editors go into wordpress and format and edit as needed
    • formatting images so they’re centered and around 300 px’s width
    • they always add a “Check Price on Amazon” button and then add the Affiliate link to the button.
    • removing redundancies
    • adding nice images
    • adding a featured image
    • assigning a category
    • rewrite wherever they see fit (they typically rewrite around 200 words per post)
    • add a Pros and Cons box
    • they remove the background (although some people said that removing the background is against Amazon’s TOS, so you want to doublecheck)

This is what their posts look like:

(Here’s a link to the live URL.)

With this method they’re publishing around 2,000 posts per month with a staff of 12 people full time. It works very well for them, across several different industries.

He showed this on his site farandaway, which runs on WordPress with Generatepress. The Amazon affiliate stats for that site:

In August they did really way because they ranked for icemaker keywords, and that’s the time when people buy a lot of icemakers.

More things:

  • Have everything human reviewed, don’t just blindly post pure AI content
  • Make sure the product is actually good
  • Make sure what they’re writing is accurate
  • Make sure the information is up-to-date (KoalaWriter sometimes does weird things)

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