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Why I love SiteGround’s “Always Online” Feature

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(First of all: I’m not a SiteGround affiliate, and this isn’t a sponsored post—I’m in no way compensated or incentivized to say this, and I don’t benefit at all if you sign up for SiteGround. I’m just sharing this because I think it’s valuable information for you, my reader.) If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, it’s definitely worth checking out SiteGround, for a variety of reasons. But today, I want to share just one of them, which might not seem like much at first, but is actually worth a lot: the Always Online feature.

What the Always Online feature does is basically ensures that your website is, well, always online.

Even if your actual website is down for whatever reason, SiteGround will still load the latest version of your website it cached. This can be worth a lot, in fact, it could have been worth many thousands of dollars for me if I’ve had this years ago.

One of my WordPress sites got hacked a few years ago, and the hackers installed malware on it. This site was hosted on Hostgator, and what Hostgator does in such a case is that they will suspend your page, and instead show a page like this:

This was an affiliate site that was earning somewhere between $400 – $800 a month. I wasn’t actively working on this anymore, and I was busy with other projects, and fixing the hack turned out to be a much messier affair than I anticipated, so basically I let time pass and eventually forgot about the site.

Had I been on SiteGround, they’d simply have kept showing the old version of my page, and I’d have kept earning with this page.

Especially as you grow your portfolio of sites you run, or if you’re building sites as sidehustles, these things matter—you often won’t have (or make) the time to fix WordPress installs when something goes wrong, and if this happens with multiple sites, it can become very costly.

I’ve migrated a % of my site portfolio to SiteGround, and if you’re looking for a reliable, quality, low-cost WordPress hosting solution, I can definitely recommend it. You can learn more about SiteGround’s Always Online feature here.

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