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Dropbox Capture – A new Loom Alternative


Dropbox just released a beta version of Capture—which is basically a Loom alternative.

Loom is great, but with the free plan you’re limited to 25 videos and 5 minutes per video. Personally, I don’t use Loom enough to spend $100 a year on it, so I end up deleting Loom videos—which is fine for the kinds of Loom videos where I just want to show someone a quick way of doing something specific.

Every once in a while though I want to show a specific process that will be used by multiple people for a long period of time, or I give a project walkthrough that includes meaningful context which will matter for future reviews for long-term initiatives, and then deleting these videos is not an option.

I’ve used YouTube for these videos that I want to be permanent in the past, but then you end up with having your videos across multiple platforms. If Dropbox’s capture holds up, it will be my default option for video walkthroughs. So far my experience using it was pretty smooth, so I do recommend you give it a try!

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