LinkedIn for B2B Leads

The folks over at DemandCurve just published a massive guide on using (organic) LinkedIn as a B2B customer acquisition channel.

It’s all about posting great content on LinkedIn, building a following, and eventually taking that following off LinkedIn to specific offers to convert them into high-value leads and eventually customers.

Read the full guide here. It’s really the only thing you need to read (and execute on) if you want to grow an audience on LinkedIn. You’re already a bit late, but there’s never gonna be a better time to get started than now.

Tim Soulo’s Link Building Outreach Learnings

Tim Soulo recently tweeted some of his learnings from a quick link building outreach experiment.

Let’s talk about “Link Building Outreach.”

I recently tried to acquire some links to one of my blog posts..

So I reviewed ~200 link prospects (collected by a contractor) and sent ~90 emails.

…and it was quite a learning experience to be honest.

Tim Soulo

This got him 13 backlinks, which is quite good.

Interesting takeaways:

  • content quality didn’t matter much (the same amount of people would probably have linked to him if his content was of lower quality)
  • AHREFs brand helped him a lot
  • people want something in exchange for fulfilling a link request
  • outreach template didn’t matter much, main reason for people fulfilling your request is they’re already open to review it
  • follow-ups work
  • he gave pitchbox a shoutout – an infuencer outreach and content marketing platform
  • prioritize fresh/recent content in your outreach (use AHREFs content explorer, filter by content published in last 30 days, DR: 50+

Another way to get recent content is to look for recent links to your competitors from ahrefs: