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ABM in 5 minutes with Andre Yee of Triblio

If you want to learn more about Account-based marketing (ABM), there’s a great 5-minute video with Andre Yee of Triblio over at the LeadGenius blog.

  • ABM works both for inbound & outbound
  • future of B2B marketing is not lead gen, but ABM (because it’s more targeted and personalized)
  • easy starting point for ABM: apply ABM tactics to your existing demand gen channel
  • expand contact pool within particular account (because¬†the average B2B decision-making group includes 5.4 buyers)
  • tools like DiscoverOrg & LeadGenius help you identify accounts
  • lead quality in ABM: instead of high-volume but low quality leads, but instead very targeted leads for specific accounts.

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