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Amazon’s Clever Amazon Music Email Marketing Campaign

Sometimes the best way to study marketing is to be aware of what works on you. I just started listening to Amazon Music for the first time, and I had absolutely no intention of doing so at the beginning of the day, or really ever. I already am a Spotify Premium customer, a Apple Music customer, I have paid for my favorite podcast player, I’m paying for a Soundcloud account, and YouTube Music. The last thing I need is another music app.

And yet, here I am, listening to Amazon Music.


Because they sent me an email that they’d give me a $5Amazon voucher if I’d listen to music or a podcast on Amazon music. I figured, hell, I might as well. I spend a lot on Amazon, so that’s as good as cash, and $5 to listen to a podcast I’d listen to anyway, just on Amazon’s app… why not?

Here’s the email that got me using Amazon Music.

This is a pretty smart move, because if my listening experience is better than what I get on Spotify (which in the case of podcasts is not difficult), or something else, I’m just gonna subscribe.

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