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Automatic analytics alerts – Get notified when there’s a significant change with Statsbot Alerts

Statsbot is a tool that can connect your analytics solution, like Google Analytics or Mixpanel, to Slack and automatically alert you when there’s an unusual spike in your data.

This comes in super handy, because you simply can’t monitor your data all the time. But software can. Which allows you to react more promptly and potentially find opportunities to capitalize on a current event much bigger.

What Statsbot Alerts does for you is:

a) examine patterns in data

b) use machine learning and anomaly detection

c) sends you a slack message when critical changes in your data occur.

Mini-marketing case study

What’s fascinating about Statsbot is that they launched on ProductHunt in January 2016 – which is just about nine months ago.

According to a comment by one of the founders, there are now more than 16,000 slack teams using Slackbot.


Plans start at$49/month, but as of right now they’re running a promotion on ProductHunt:

statsbot pricing plans

Learn more about statsbot here:

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