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Collecting leads without lead forms?

Lead forms are dead!

That’s what many marketing experts proclaim nowadays. The most compelling case was probably made by the Drift team

But while nobody likes filling out forms, that’s not a new thing.

These people say that lead forms are a thing of the past, as if back in the days people enjoyed filling out forms. They didn’t. Nobody ever did.

The attitude people had towards forms was always: all right, this seems something that could be valuable enough for it be worth giving them my data in exchange.

It’s one of these things that people like to say because it’s a little nuisance we’re all dealing with. Like cold calls (how many times has that been proclaimed dead? Yet, it continues to generate billions of dollars in business every year).

But when I read a recent article by Jenn Lisak, as much as I disliked the attention getting approach of proclaiming once again The Death of the Lead Form, she made a great point:

There are alternatives that work better than lead forms. She focused on interactive content:

Appointment Scheduler – Invite prospects to test-drive features or benefits by setting an appointment
Assessments – Zoom into personal needs, and deliver helpful recommendations
Calculators – Help buyers gauge value
Chat – 1:1, real-time assistance just as a customer is evaluating a purchase
Custom Path/Promos – Custom tools, recommendations or promos based on buyer preferences, history, or peer purchases
Instant Check – Remove buying obstacles by clarifying whether they can buy now
Instant Win – Combine incentives with curiosity
Interactive Infographics – Infographics with interactive elements like motion and on-demand elements like info panes or videos
Pay with a tweet/social share – Reward visitors with access when they share your content with their social media network
Quizzes – Let visitors test and showcase their knowledge
Story Microsites – Online microsites that walk a visitor through pages and videos through to a conversion
Trivia – Satisfy their curiosity and show’em how much they know
Video – Show vs. tell

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