Content promotion tactic: Commenter pre-outreach

There are many variations of doing outreach to promote your blog posts. The most widely known, utilized (and abused) way is influencer outreach.

Cody Lister from MarketDoc recently shared a influencer tactic he’s been using that reaches out to people who have commented on other people’s blogs.

Here’s the method in a nutshell:

  1. Find posts that are similar to the blog post you’re about to publish using Buzzsumo, and then select those blog posts that have >15 comments
  2. Scrape and prep the commenter emails using and a bunch of other tools
  3. Email these commenters letting them know about your upcoming post
  4. Notify them once your post is live

You can check out more detailed step-by-step instructions in Cody’s post (and find 20 more juicy blog promotion tactics)

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