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Gael from AuthorityHackers on How To Do EEAT Right


The video discusses the concept of E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and its relevance for SEO.

Here the main takeaways:


  • Share information about the publisher including a registered company name, address, phone number, contact page with multiple email addresses, and detailed about page.
  • Create official pages like affiliate disclosure or terms and conditions page to make your site look more official.
  • Implement schema markup to share your company’s details and editorial guidelines on your HTML pages.
  • Evaluate your site’s reputation by following the method outlined in the Google Search Quality Guidelines.


  • Display more information about your authors on your website to help Google identify who they are.
  • Use custom templates or SEO plugins to share information about your authors through schema markup.
  • If your authors lack expertise, use reviewers and associate them with your article through the reviewedBy schema.


  • Convey experience through content by sharing unique insights or personal experiences.
  • Use unindexed media to provide additional value and showcase expertise in your content.
  • Consider sourcing images from places like Facebook Marketplace where images are not indexed.


  • Don’t rely solely on keyword tools for content ideas; instead, hang out where your niche hangs out to discover trending topics.
  • Cover trending topics in your niche, regardless of the search volume, to build topical authority.
  • Consider linking back to your author pages from authority sites and social profiles to improve your site’s authority.


  • Consider seeking developer help or use prebuilt solutions like the E-E-A-T blueprint mentioned in the video to implement custom author pages or custom schema on your site.


  • Be ready to make business adjustments like changing how you recruit authors, pick keywords, or represent information on your site to comply with E-E-A-T requirements.

This video emphasizes the importance of transparency, showcasing expertise, and embracing topical authority to improve a site’s E-E-A-T score for better SEO performance.

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