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Great web design:


Billdu is an invoicing software solution for small businesses, and their design immediately makes them stand out from other vendors in that space, and communicates: We’re different, we’re easy, we’re fun.

They also do a great job of hitting the visitor with all the right points right above the page in a clear way, without overloading the above the fold. There’s no ambiguous language, it communicates very clearly what this is and why you should pay attention:

  • The best rated invoicing app
  • for small business
  • easy
  • You can try it free for 30 days (without entering your credit card)
  • It’s rated 4.8 on the app store with 45k reviews!

The visuals are bold, the colors bright and playful but professional—this isn’t a chaotic color mess. It’s all top-notch design and copywriting. Whoever did this really knows what they’re doing.

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