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Making Your Email Stand Out In The Inbox: The LinkedIn Newsletter Emoji + YouTube Hack

As marketers we all know how important it is to not just send emails, but to actually send emails that make it to the prospects inbox. And then we need to send emails that actually catch the prospects attention in there ever overflowing in boxes. Now if you look at my inbox is here, you will see that there is one inbox that stands out and definitely captures my attention more than any other email in my inbox.

And it’s no surprise that that email comes from my email marketing software tool.

This is actually an email they sent out as a LinkedIn newsletter, and it’s clever af, that they use both a YouTube video which gets previewed with the replay button and an emoji.

It’s completely impossible to not notice this.

The takeaways here are if your target audience is on LinkedIn at all, then you should be there, and you should be active, and you should be sending newsletters, and these newsletters these newsletters should use emojis and YouTube and bits so that you stand out from the crowd.

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