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Noah Kagan on marketing planning

Notes from a recent episode of Evolving SEO with Noah Kagan.

Marketing planning:

  1. Pick a goal
  2. make a list of all the options to achieve that goal
  3. every month, review and ask
    1. what is the activity i can double?
    2. what’s the activity that i can kill?

Noah Kagan’s original marketing plan for Mint was just a simple doc.

How to execute a marketing plan

  1. Create a “system”
    system = a checklist. can be a spreadsheet. Contains all the steps that need to be executed to create the desired output/result.
  2. If somethings broken, then go in and fix it
  3. Hire people to execute
    (hiring tip: reach out to people you admire. you typically can’t hire them, but try to work on contract basis with them first. if that’s not possible, ask for a recommendation: who else is awesome? work with those people on contract basis, and if they’re great, do everything you can to hire them eventually)

Content creation vs promotion

People spend too much time creating content, but not enough time promoting it. If the people who could benefit from your content don’t hear about it, it has zero value.

Why is that? (Even though most people know this, few actually act accordingly)

Probably because when you create, it’s fun, it’s safe, you’re sitting at home creating something. Versus promotion, you’re putting yourself out there and exposing yourself to other people’s judgment. Other people will judge your work, will judge you. But that feedback is what will really make you grow.

How Noah is doing this:

  • 2 days per week for content creation
  • 1 day per week for content promotion
  • 2 open days

^ that’s how he’s doing it right now. might change in 6 months.


Establishing relationships with awesome people

Give presents to people. Stuff they actually want and will keep for life. Not a shirt with YOUR logo on it. Give them Alexa. Give them something that’ll always be on their desk. (More examples ~31:00)

Then follow up. Tell them you read their post and loved it, did something with it and something great happened. Stuff like that. Over time it grows into a relationship if it’s a good match.

Brandon Wells is doing Noah’s YouTube videos, Noah is paying him $2,000/month for this. Here’s an example of these videos.


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