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Jacky Chou talked in his latest video about doing ORM (online reputation management). Running an ORM agency is highly profitable, these companies are often charging up to $30k a month for a single client.

In essence, it’s about pushing down negative mentions in the SERPs, and pushing up positive SERPs (e.g. on social networks).

He mentions that building social profiles, publishing articles and then building PBNs to them is an easy way to force your way to the front page. Publish on sites like these:

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Crunchbase
  • Reddit
  • Imdb
  • Guest posts
  • Wikipedia

Another way to do ORM is by “deleting” negative articles or online mentions. Jacky goes to SWAPD for that and uses a service like this:

He then gets a quote from these guys, adds a 90% margin on top and delivers that to his clients.

Getting clients requires some networking, or a creative approach. (E.g. he mentions if there’s some public persona or entrepreneur and they’re are any pages ranking along the lines of “FIRSTNAME LAST NAME SCAM”, you can reach out and offer them to get rid of that).

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