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Product Hunt launch promotion strategy that got 800 signups in 2 days

Product Hunt is a great platform to platform to get our product in front of a passionate and influential crowd that deeply cares about great products.

It’s a hangout place for innovators & early adopters.



Having your product features on Product Hunt can result in hundreds or even thousands of new signups and customers.

There’s a great post on OpenViewLabs that shares some tips on how to make your Product Hunt launch a success.

In summary:

  1. Come up with a story around your product launch. Why should anyone care? Why is this meaningful and shareworthy?
  2. optional: create a dedicated landing page and/or special offer for the Product Hunt community
  3. Create a list of 10 influencers
    1. (people with a large following on Product Hunt)
    2. also look for people with a large following that have posted about your competitors on Product Hunt
  4. Get one of them to commit to posting your product on Product Hunt by sending them an email. Give them enough context so that they will care enough to not just post your product on Product Hunt, but also leave a comment on your product.
  5. Post in the morning hours (For the Drift launch, they benefited from posting at 7 a.m. Eastern because there were few other products being posted at that time, and this gave Drift the #1 spot)
  6. Email your list to upvote your product (Don’t link directly to your Product Hunt page. Always link to the Product Hunt homepage and ask people to upvote your product from there. That’s why being #1 is so valuable, because people will see it right away).
    1. Also email the press to get some PR
  7. Assign everyone on your team maker status for this product, so that they can be involved.
  8. Leverage your Product Hunt Success for PR exposure. Send out another email to PR people and tell them that the product you emailed them about earlier was now #1, and that this is obviously something that’s getting people’s attention, and ask for a conversation.

For the team, their Product Hunt launch resulted in 800 new signups and 6500 unique visitors to their website within 2 days.



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