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Quick & Free Way to Remove Background From Photos: Pixlr

Pixlr is a free online image editor (works in your browser) that’s pretty fast and powerful. If you got Adobe Photoshop, you obviously don’t need this, but if you’re a marketer who just every once in a while needs to do some common image edits, Pixlr is a great tool.

I particularly use Pixlr’s free Remove Background tool quite often.

It’s by no means perfect, but it does the job 70% of the time, especially if you’ve got clear lines separating the object from the background.

And sometimes it doesn’t remove the background well. Take this picture for example:

Photo by Gabriela Pereira from Pexels

When I applied the automatic background removal, this is the result I got:

image with background automatically removed

In those cases, you can use the “Refine” tool and manually adjust and fix the image.

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