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Sales tool: ZenProspect

If you’re doing outbound sales, ZenProspect might be an interesting solution for you. It’s a unified lead gen and sales communication platform to help businesses build more pipeline in minutes.

They’re a pretty fresh company, so this might be a case where getting in early could pay off… or be a total flop 🙂

They seem similar to LeadGenius.

They way it works is that you define what kind of customer you’re looking for (e.g. specific job title, industry, company size, revenue, location, what software tools they use, funding, keywords in social media profiles or on their website, and other criteria).

It also dedupes all these contacts against your existing lead lists.

They’re also automating the email outreach to warm up those colds leads.

A lot of the things that sales reps care about are in there:

  • automatic smart follow-up reminders
  • open, click and reply tracking
  • custom scheduling for sending emails
  • detecting out of office replies
  • automatic A/B testing of outreach emails
  • salesforce integration

They’re backed by companies like Y Combinator, SVAngel, SocialCapital and Nexus Venture Partners.

Customers which they list on their website include, wework, Segment and more.

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