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Super-early quick user testing tools

If you quickly gather some user feedback there’s two solutions right now that I go to by default:


Pick criteria that defines the audience you want to get feedback from.

Set up a test in a couple of minutes.

Get results within 12-48 hours.

Great for testing messaging, evaluating A/B testing alternatives, cold email testing.

Pricing: starts at $99 for testing value propositions, for other tests and more selective audience filtering it goes all the way up to a couple thousand $ per test (especially if you want feedback from large company C-Suite’s and VPs).

Usability Hub

Great for getting design feedback, first-click tests, design surveys, etc.

Pricing: Free (with your own audience, limited tests), $79-$199 for more sophisticated tests + credits for recruiting participants (around $1 / participant depending on audience size)

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