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The Dire State of Content Marketing in July 2023

I recently listened to an episode of the Content, Briefly podcast with Jimmy Daly from superpath and George Chasiotis from Minuttia.

The last few months have been brutal in content. Lots of layoffs, shrinking budgets, increased ROI scrutiny, ability to deliver short-term results. Rather than high-growth, companies now want “sustainable growth”. This of course all happens after the euphoric boom times of 2021 & 2022 when there was lots of money available and a “growth at all costs” mindset prevailed.

Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience) will change the way search works and affect SEO. A lot of people are questioning whether search has a future.

AI content is changing the game.

The hiring freeze is also a good thing for service providers, because people aren’t hiring anymore, but they still need someone to do the work: agencies & freelancers.

Companies still spend money during a recession.

Headcount vs budget are often in different buckets.

Cost of doing content inhouse has gone up so much. Partially because in-house content marketing salaries have increased drastically. A lot of strategic work is done inhouse, whereas content creation and keyword research is often outsourced.

George: The blog is dying. Content marketing needs to shift to multimedia. Content writing alone won’t cut it anymore. This is an opportunity to adopt.

How George grew Minuttia

Not just referrals, but also webinars, podcasts, and text content.

Organic search leads were typically low quality / bad fit. Someone who searched something along the lines of “B2B content marketing for SaaS”, but rarely where they a good fit.

Best leads came through community, multiple touchpoints in the past.

Currently not reliant on referrals at all.

“The Trusted Advisor” gives a blueprint that’s similar to their playbook.

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