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Using ChatGPT to Optimize Your Articles (Matt Diggity’s KILLER Prompt)

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Based on the video “How I make ChatGPT Out-perform 10 Human SEO Experts” by Matt Diggity, here are the actionable takeaways and steps:

Train ChatGPT for SEO Expertise:

  • Use ChatGPT in GPT-4 mode.
  • Utilize plugins like AskYourPDF (to read PDF files) and WebPilot (to access the internet).
  • Train ChatGPT on Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG) to make it an expert on SEO based on Google’s standards.

here’s Matt’s prompt (demonstrated with an example of his “SEO campaign management” article):

Then once ChatGPT gives you an answer, ask detailed follow-up questions. Matt shares examples of these in his video as well.

He also shares a good hack for quickly assessing topical authority. Do a site: search for your competitor outranking you with an “intitle:[keyword]” and compare how many results your competitor gets vs you.

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