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Welcome mail when signing up for a newsletter

Here’s a great example of a welcome mail I received when signing up for a newsletter:


Hi, I’m Sol.

I just wanted to pop this quick email to say thanks for joining the family.

I don’t want to bore you with a “look how amazing” paragraph is… so if you want to know why I’m even talking, head on over to my About page.

The purpose behind is pretty simple – I wanted an avenue to talk about entrepreneurship and the balance between that life and your personal-life.

My promise to you is that I have no intention of monetizing SJO. There will be no (e)book. There will be no (e)course. There will be no coaching nor consulting or any kind of client work. Ask anyone who has ever met me and they know – that’s just not how I roll.

At the most, has opened up some fun speaking gigs (if you know of any, send them my way), but I am very serious when I say promise you that I will have nothing to sell.

I will send an email anywhere from a few times a week to once every few weeks. I do recommend you follow me on Facebook – I muse a lot more freely there, and I love interacting with people. And none of that inspirational/aspirational garbage – ugh.

Over the next few weeks you’ll receive a few emails I’ve setup that I think you’ll find interesting. Some are links to stuff I’ve written, some are musings, and some are links to others. But all-in-all, they are well-worth your time

That’s about it. Feel free to reply to this email and introduce yourself. I love getting to know people (and how they found me).

– Sol



Here’s what I like about this email:

It’s all about building a relationship. He’s not asking you for a favor. He’s not asking you to share something on social, or buy this cool new thing that will make your life more awesome. It’s kinda like you’re getting to know him and what he’s about.

And it accomplishes one thing that’s hard to accomplish on the internet: it creates trust. The experience, the tone, the content—all of it conveys that Sol is coming from an authentic place, that he keeps it real.

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