Marketing Baby – “Rent” organic traffic

I’ve just heard about a company called written, and they have a business model that’s completely new to me. What they do is license high-performing content. They go out to people that have successful organic content and ask them if they can license their content in exchange for payment. Then they find companies that want organic traffic for specific search queries. The company pays written, written takes a percentage and pays the original owner of the content the remainder.

The idea is nice. Here’s what the pricing looks like:

pricing for

Looking at the pricing, you obviously need to have a solid monetization strategy in place, and this probably only works for specific industries. With the Growth package, you’re paying about $1.26 per organic visitor. If you convert around 4% of those visitors to leads, that’s 480 leads for $9500, which comes out just a bit under $20 per lead.

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