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Content marketing costs: How much should a blog post cost?

When it comes to content marketing, there’s really this huge range of offerings that you’re dealing with. So let’s say you are an actual company and not just a solopreneur, you have paying customers or solid funding, and a working business model.

Then the cost of a great blog post should be in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. He explains why in the following video:


4 thoughts on “Content marketing costs: How much should a blog post cost?”

  1. In general I agree that it’s very hard to get great blog content for less than $500/piece (~5 cents per word).
    However, if you’re absolutely strapped for cash, one thing you can do is to go on a quest to find someone that loves to write, but has little experience with the business side of things.
    It’ll mean that you’ll have to be a lot more involved in the process than when you’d just hand it over to a pro. It’ll also mean that you’ll have to teach them many of the things a good content creator would already have in her arsenal of skills.
    But if you’re willing to do that investment of your own time and energy, you can end up with someone who will produce very good blog posts at around $100/piece.
    Eventually, as they level up their skills you’ll have to pay them more. But hopefully by that time you’re seeing ROI on the content they’ve produced and will be able to afford that.
    One thing to keep in mind: Be upfront with them about things, and always be fair. Tell them what the deal is—you’ll teach them skills that’ll be of value to them in the long run. How to earn a decent living as a writer. They in return will do good work and apply serious effort. Over time you’ll raise their rates. Don’t try to fool your writers by pretending that you’re paying them market rate if you’re not. Not just is it the wrong thing to do, it would also backfire: once they find out what other writers are getting paid, they’d just find someone willing to pay them more and abandon you—after you’ve invested a lot of time and effort coaching them to the next level.

    • And how much revenue do these AI-generated posts drive? Don’t get me wrong. AI is a gamechanger in content, and this video was recorded a few years back. AI definitely has changed things. But I’d still rather pay $1000 for a blog post that’ll make me $10,000 over the next 2 years than $1 for a blog post that will make me 80 cent.


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