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WhatRuns – Technographic research tool to reveal the software stack of a company

Tools like BuiltWith, Whappalizer, and Datanyze have been around for a long time and are great for identifying technologies that companies are using.

Now, there’s also WhatRuns, a free browser extension (supporting Chrome and Firefox), that tells you at the click of a button which technologies a website is running:

  • What apps are they paying for?
  • What CDN are they hosted on?
  • What analytics tools are they using?
  • Which WordPress plugins?
  • Which ad networks run on the site?
  • Which developer tools are used?
  • Which fonts?
  • It also tracks much smaller tools which aren’t on the radar of BuiltWith, Whappalizer, etc. which can be beneficial if you’re a smaller startup.
  • And more!

What’s more, you can even subscribe to a website and then you’ll get notified when they adapt a new tool, or stop using a tool.

What’s more, you don’t even need to register to use it. The only downside is really that it’s yet another browser extension you install, and if you’re anything like me, you already are suffering from browser extension overload. But for this, it’s definitely worth it!

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