Email unsubscribe survey questions

If you’ve got an email list,you’ll also have unsubscribes. Now one thing you want to do is to put an unsubscribe survey into place so that you can learn why people actually unsubscribe. What’s the reason that they went through the whole trouble of signing up in the first place… only to unsubscribe again later … Read more

Collecting leads without lead forms?

Lead forms are dead! That’s what many marketing experts proclaim nowadays. The most compelling case was probably made by the Drift team But while nobody likes filling out forms, that’s not a new thing. These people say that lead forms are a thing of the past, as if back in the days people enjoyed filling … Read more

Sales tool: ZenProspect

If you’re doing outbound sales, ZenProspect might be an interesting solution for you. It’s a unified lead gen and sales communication platform to help businesses build more pipeline in minutes. They’re a pretty fresh company, so this might be a case where getting in early could pay off… or be a total flop 🙂 They … Read more

How to bring data from multiple datasources into Google Analytics with

If you want to bring data from multiple data sources into Google Analytics, there’s a tool that can do accomplish this really well: They’ve got 3 different products, the one I’m referring to here is called Google Analytics upload. This way, you can upload your cost data into Google Analytics, and then evaluate all … Read more

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a place where you collect all the data you have from different sources. Let’s say you run a blog on WordPress and have Google Analytics installed, and you use Autopilot for your email marketing and Optimizely to run A/B tests on your website. And then you’re keeping customer data in your … Read more