SEOmonitor – Keyword research tool

SEOmonitor is a pretty neat keyword research & management tool that’s currently being used by some preeeetty smart SEO dudes I know 🙂 Some of the things that they do really well: topical aggregation SEO forecasting a simplified score to track your SEO performance (rather than a confusing mess of increases and decreases in your … Read more

Cheap alternative? NerdyData

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, check out NerdyData. It’s not as powerful as, but better value for money for teams that aren’t making heavy use of Case in point: Not saying that one is better than the other. It really depends on the value the tool creates for your company.

Competitive research: Find out which Facebook ads a company is running

There’s a pretty cool tool for doing competitive research that shows you which ads a given company is running: The Facebook Ads Gallery by AdEspresso. Now it should be mentioned that their database isn’t complete, and their data isn’t 100% accurate. Especially if you’re with smaller advertisers, you often will find that they don’t have … Read more