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The Best Guest Posting Tactic in 2023? (According to Matt Diggity)

Matt Diggity recently released a video in which he shared his favorite guest posting technique: Reverse engineer your competition. Use Ahrefs Content Explorer, type in “By authorname” is of course about finding articles they’ve authored, and the “-domain“ is to exclude their own website. Then you get a list of their guest posts. You can ...

How To Find Creators (Hack)

This is pure gold if you’re looking to find creators with a niche-relevant audience. Newsletters, IG accounts, YouTubers, Podcasters, X influencers, Websites (aka “Media Brands”), etc. I spent five minutes doing this and unearthed some true gems.

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The 5 Ps of Marketing: The Quintessential Marketing Blueprint

The 5 Ps of Marketing are quintessential elements that encapsulate the essence of marketing in the business realm. They are crucial pillars that dictate the marketing strategies of a company, aiming to fulfill the consumers’ needs while achieving business goals. These components are: Understanding and implementing the 5 Ps of Marketing strategically can significantly enhance ...

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Using ChatGPT to Optimize Your Articles (Matt Diggity’s KILLER Prompt)

Based on the video “How I make ChatGPT Out-perform 10 Human SEO Experts” by Matt Diggity, here are the actionable takeaways and steps: Train ChatGPT for SEO Expertise: here’s Matt’s prompt (demonstrated with an example of his “SEO campaign management” article): Then once ChatGPT gives you an answer, ask detailed follow-up questions. Matt shares examples ...

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The Price of Streaming: Understanding Why Pricing Strategy is Crucial in the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving realm of digital entertainment, pricing isn’t just a matter of numbers—it’s a strategic function that can make or break a platform’s success. As streaming services like YouTube TV incrementally increase their monthly charges, and giants such as Disney+ and Netflix hint at similar moves, consumers are prompted to re-evaluate the value they ...