Explained In Simple Words: Customer Data Maturity Model

You might be collecting data on everything from customer behavior to their shoe sizes, but here’s the million-dollar question—what are you actually doing with all that information? Just having a mountain of data isn’t enough; you’ve got to mine it for the gems that lead to actionable insights. This is where understanding your organization’s Customer … Read more

Content marketing metrics: How Intercom measures content performance

If you’re serious about content marketing, you know that one of the most difficult things it to measure its effectiveness. (Once you’ve got things up and running that is, and you’re getting enough attention from the right kind of audience). Solving the content marketing attribution problem is a huge challenge. Hubspot, and many other marketing solutions … Read more

Why does Google Analytics show more clicks than visits for an AdWords campaign?

So you’ve been running an AdWords campaign and now look into Google Analytics to see how it performs. Google Analytics has some great reporting features for AdWords, which shouldn’t surprise you. After all, it’s their main driver or revenue. Some facts about Google’s revenue: Google’s 2015 revenue: $75 billion Breakdown of that revenue: AdWords: $52 … Read more