Automatic analytics alerts – Get notified when there’s a significant change with Statsbot Alerts

Statsbot is a tool that can connect your analytics solution, like Google Analytics or Mixpanel, to Slack and automatically alert you when there’s an unusual spike in your data. This comes in super handy, because you simply can’t monitor your data all the time. But software can. Which allows you to react more promptly and … Read more

How to identify the highest-impact, lowest-effort growth opportunities for any business

I recently watched a video of Jay Abraham doing a very quick marketing consultation. The most fascinating part was how fast Jay would pinpoint the biggest growth opportunity for this particular business: I run a community pharmacy, and we have multiple pharmacies around Australia. The challenge we have at the moment is that there is … Read more

Product Hunt launch promotion strategy that got 800 signups in 2 days

Product Hunt is a great platform to platform to get our product in front of a passionate and influential crowd that deeply cares about great products. It’s a hangout place for innovators & early adopters. [source] Having your product features on Product Hunt can result in hundreds or even thousands of new signups and customers. There’s a … Read more

Google Keyword Planner is giving you less data… but here’s a workaround

Google recently made some changes to the way it’s showing data, especially for advertisers with “lower monthly spend” (without elaborating what lower monthly spend exactly is): Advertisers with lower monthly spend may see a limited data view in the Keyword Planner. For example, you may see values such as 0, 1-100, 100-1K, 1K-10K, 10K-100K, 100K-1M, … Read more

Sales tools: Sendbloom – Automate your prospecting emails

Sendbloom is a prospecting automation platform that helps you build your sales pipeline. If you’re using the cold calling 2.0 model popularized by Aaron Ross in his groundbreaking book Predictable Revenue, then you’re sending cold emails to get people to take the next step in the sales funnel – whether that’s responding to your email, getting … Read more

Content promotion tactic: Commenter pre-outreach

There are many variations of doing outreach to promote your blog posts. The most widely known, utilized (and abused) way is influencer outreach. Cody Lister from MarketDoc recently shared a influencer tactic he’s been using that reaches out to people who have commented on other people’s blogs. Here’s the method in a nutshell: Find posts that … Read more

Writing value propositions that stick in your website visitors’ minds

When it comes to creating marketing websites, a lot of people think that: “People don’t read.” “There’s too much text.” “Say this in less words.” “Who’s gonna read all this?” And while you definitely don’t want to overwhelm your website visitors with excessively long text-blocks that distract from the core messaging… … don’t make the … Read more

Data shows: A lot of short, low-quality content performs BETTER than fewer long, high-quality content pieces

Most content marketers agree that writing less and better content is the way to go. The day of churning out a ton of low-quality content are long gone. This is something that worked in the past, but the algorithms (Google, FB, etc) are getting better at surfacing quality content that provides the best experience to … Read more