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Create Featured Blog Images With ChatGPT (DALL·E)

I used to hate finding featured images for blog posts, but I’ve experimented with using ChatGPT for this recently by simply prompting ChatGPT as follows: Super simple, but it does the job pretty good in general if you don’t mind the very stereotypical AI-generated look:

Marketing Baby

2 styles of content: 1 for mature topics (focus on information gain) and 1 for volatile topics (focus on introducing new ideas)

Writing Content That Ranks: Topic Maturity

If you’re writing about a topic that’s relatively mature and established, then writing what’s common consensus and basically copying+enhancing what’s already ranking on page one of Google is the right approach. You might see maybe only two “wildcard” results on page one of Google. The way you bean those types of results is by providing ...

Marketing Baby

The Best Guest Posting Tactic in 2023? (According to Matt Diggity)

Matt Diggity recently released a video in which he shared his favorite guest posting technique: Reverse engineer your competition. Use Ahrefs Content Explorer, type in “By authorname” is of course about finding articles they’ve authored, and the “-domain“ is to exclude their own website. Then you get a list of their guest posts. You can ...

How To Find Creators (Hack)

This is pure gold if you’re looking to find creators with a niche-relevant audience. Newsletters, IG accounts, YouTubers, Podcasters, X influencers, Websites (aka “Media Brands”), etc. I spent five minutes doing this and unearthed some true gems.